Hej! I'm Emilie, a freelance graphic designer based in Sweden, working with brands all over the world.  
My work can be found on home textiles, clothing, packaging, stationery and printed and digital media. I am happy to help you with art direction, graphic design, animation, digital design, prints and patterns. 
Graphic designer with over ten years of experience in retail, product development and design.
My creative story
I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the northern parts of Sweden I painted Scandinavian animals, trees and everything surrounding me.

2008-2011 I studied Graphic Design at the Mid Sweden University. I combined my studies with work for IKEA where I created graphic solutions for the marketing department and the interior design team. 
After graduating I moved to Stockholm to work with packaging design at Avisera. Happy to be part of a talented design and marketing team I learned about the print production process and making production-friendly artworks for international suppliers. 
During my ten years in Stockholm, I also studied entrepreneurship, illustration and Art Direction at Berghs School of Communication
2016 I was offered a print designer role at H&M Home. I got to work with other creative designers and made commercial designs for the global market. I spent several years drawing prints for the kid's room and I got to know the kids and baby market very well, travelling the world researching prints, trends and colours. 
During the pandemic 2020, I decided to leave the city and move to the Swedish south coast. That's also when I started my own business.
Whether it be a design for kids fashion, packaging, social media or any kind of product or surface, I would like to hear from you and see If we can collaborate!
How can I help you?
Graphic design, visual identity, social media content, placed prints, repeated patterns, animation, artworks, colours, trends, digital design, production-friendly files, embroideries, full repeats, commercial designs, mood boards, colour palettes, TCX-colors, trend research, design briefs, kids home decoration, childrenswear...
Freelance Graphic Designer 
Emilie Lindqvist AB, 2021 – Current
Print Designer
H&M Home, full time, 2016 – 2021
Graphic Designer
Avisera, full time, 2011 – 2016
Graphic Communicator
IKEA, part time, 2009 – 2011
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Graphic Design
Mid Sweden University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Media and Communication Science
Mid Sweden University

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